The Em1

Introducing the world's most versatile portable field microscope. Revolutionary in design, portability and application - at a price that's accessible to everyone.

The Em1 is now available...    

Powerful, portable microscopy

The Em1 is the result of years of award-winning design and rigorous field testing. With a number of different models available, it is used by both amateurs and professionals in some of the world's most challenging environments as well as in traditional laboratories. The Em1 is simple to set up in seconds and used in numerous industries, from tropical disease diagnosis and forensic sciences to class-based experiments in schools.


  • Ultra compact

    154 x 122 x 66mm and light at just 480 grams

  • 1,000 hours

    Exceptional battery life of up to 1,000 hours

  • x100 - x1000

    Sharp, high quality images at different magnifications

  • Precision optics

    High quality, precision ground Schott glass optics

  • Accessories

    A range of accessories for smartphones and cameras

  • Mountings

    Two standard tripod mounting points for stability


Inverted monocular design
3D folded optical path
RMS standard optical tube length
Rotating objective carrier holds up to three objectives
Standard RMS eyepiece fitment x10 wide field
Built-in white LED illumination source
Variable illumination output
External USB power connectable
Digital camera attachable
Mobile phone camera attachable
Precision focusing attachment
Diecast and CNC machined optical sub-chassis
Hardened bearing surfaces
Die-cast Aluminium stage

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Flexibility and power are at the heart of the Em Microscope. That's why it's used worldwide by companies, charities, government agencies, NGO's, doctors, scientists and scholars alike. It's just at home in Antarctica as it is in Sub-Saharan Africa or being used by a class of students in Washington D.C....

  • Tropical Diseases

  • Healthcare / Medicine

  • Field Sciences

  • Veterinary Pathology

  • General Microscopy

  • Entomology

  • Environmental Sciences

  • Micro Photography

  • Policing / Forensics

  • Military / Homeland Security

  • Fibre Analysis

  • Scientific Education


Users of the Em1 are located all over the world. We've already shipped production prototypes to more than 30 countries in our bid to continuously develop our world leading microscope...

World usage map


Bill and Malinda Gates foundation
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Royal Microscopical Society
Wellcome Trust


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